The Cube US Road Trip

3D Systems is launching the Cube 3D printer “a lot sooner than you think”. The folks in Marketing have decided to take the Cube on a road trip. Adam Reichental explains on this post on the Cubify blog.

“We are packing Cubes into our pimped out Nissan Cube, and sending Hal, our road dog, on a 25 city trip across the US starting April 10th. He’s Starting in LA and hitting the hottest cities from San Francisco and Seattle to New York City and beyond.”

The plan also includes taking Cube pre-orders at the start of the road trip. Adam goes on to explain what the road trip is going to include.

“On the trip, the Cube will be scaling national monuments, surfing at beaches, making cameos at schools, museums, and all venues that welcome the Cube while printing cityscapes of the city it’s in (cityception)”

And here is the best part. 3D Systems is looking for a “3D minded roadie” to accompany Hal. This is your chance to earn an all expense paid road trip across 25 cities in the US doing 3D printing with a bunch of Cubes in a Nissan Cube. Adam explains in this video.

Does this interest you? If yes, then post a video on YouTube answering the following questions and send the link to CubifyInfo@Cubify.com or post it to Cubify’s Facebook page.

  1. Why are you perfect for the journey (also why you are a great road dog)?
  2. Why do you love the Cube and 3D printing?
  3. What’s your dream 3D print if you could make anything?

All the best.


Update (8-Mar-2012)

Adam has posted another article on the Cubify blog listing the cities included in the Cube road trip. You can read it here.