ThinkDesign 2011 SP1 Released

While the lawyers battle it out in courts all over the world, what’s left of Think3 is continuing to develop and sell the Think3 product line. A press release issued by Think3 Italy on 1st March announced the release of the first service pack of ThinkDesign 2011. According to the press release:

“The research and development team has delivered results on several fronts, from bug fixing to the performance improvement, by making the product more stable and reliable and by ensuring a greater efficiency of the features introduced in earlier versions and in the last 2011 version as well.”

I first came across this news from the TenLinks daily newsletter which has the press release here. I was amused to see that the Tenlinks version of the Think3 Italy’s press release has a link to www.think3.com in the “About Think3” footer, which actually belongs to Think3 Inc, the US entity that Think3 Italy is fighting with. The correct web site link is www.think3.eu.