Dassault Systemes Convergence Geometric Modeler

As a developer, one of the things that interests me the most about the evolving relationship between Spatial and parent Dassault Systemes is the decision of DS to let Spatial license it’s Convergence Geometric Modeler (CGM) to other CAD vendors. For those who don’t know CGM is the modeling kernel that was written from the ground up for CATIA. In fact, Spatial’s new COO, Jean-Marc Guillard, was one of the people who architected CGM. So he is as technical as a COO of a component company can get.

I’m sitting in the audience listening to Ray Bagely, Spatial’s Director of Product Planning and Management, speak about the roadmap for CGM.

Ray began by answering the all important question, “Why is DS licensing CGM?”. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, thanks to the market share of V5/V6 there is an increased demand for accessing CATIA data. Secondly, as a result of a long history of development and acquisition, DS has come to the conclusion that they can bring a wide range of technologies to the component market.

Here is a slide showing a brief history of CGM.

Here in a slide showing one of the advanced features of CGM.

This is what the roadmap for CGM looks like.

And this is why Ray believes someone would want to use CGM.