Dassault Systemes Launches DraftSight Prosumer Service

Dassault Systems has launched something called a DraftSight Prosumer Service, aimed at the professional consumer (prosumer) or individual users “who need assistance installing, activating, configuring and using DraftSight software on an ongoing basis”. It is a renewal service available for 3 or 12 months and is priced at $25/month.

It looks like the service is not available worldwide. I logged into my account at the 3DS Store and couldn’t find the price or a way to order the service. I changed my billing country to USA and the price and the “Add to basket” button showed up.

The DraftSight Prosumer Service offers:

  1. Access to the Community iQuestions and Solutions Center via the DraftSight Community (I thought that was already available to everyone)
  2. Email and telephone support
  3. Remote desktop sharing with DS customer support executives

The most common drawback of free software is the lack of professional support. Users often get frustrated when they can’t figure things out for themselves or cannot get immediate and proper assistance from other users. Looks like the DraftSight Prosumer Service is targeted for exactly those kinds of people.

At a time when just about every CAD software vendor is giving away some software or the other for free, its nice to see Dassault Systemes backing it up with a service to support users as well.