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Designing And 3D Printing The Android Robot

A couple of my programmers are hardcore Android fans and after seeing the Cube churning out Android robots at Google I/O they asked me if I could print a couple for them. I asked them to find me a STL file. The model they found was basically a statue, without moving parts and this reminded me about the robot kit that Mark Danks from My Robot Nation send me earlier (see “The Cube Brings A Robot To Life“). I decided to design my own Android in such a way that its hands and head could be moved.

So I fired up Alibre Design and cooked up the Android robots as an assembly of five parts – head, neck, body and a pair of hands.

I saved the individual parts to STL files, laid them out on the platform in the Cubify Client software and hit “Build”.

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After 7 long hours the Cube ended up with this.

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I think the 3D print looks happier than the CAD model. 😉

There is one problem though. My younger son Russell has pitched tent and staked claim over the Android. And from past experience he will scream his head off if I take it away from him. Which means I will need to print a couple more for my programmers.