Experts Wanted

In a comment, a reader asked me how someone could become an expert programmer. The answer is really simple. I believe that if you want to be an expert at something (not just programming) you simply need to do it long enough. Unless you are physically or mentally challenged, you will sooner or later become an expert at it. And by expert, I mean that you will find or invent ways of doing it better and faster and gain insights into that particular field. You can read all the textbooks you want. But eventually you will need to do it yourself, again and again, so that you will be in a position to master whatever it is that you are doing.

On that note, I would like to reveal some plans I have for this blog for 2010. I would like to offer more of my experiences with various CAD software products on this blog. Something along the lines of my recent series on PowerSHAPE 2010 and KOMPAS-3D V11. The thing is I am a CAD software programmer and view software more from a technical and programing perspective. So the series that I write mainly serve the purpose of “introducing” a product or its new version. That’s because I do not use these products to design parts that are actually built. There are a few exceptions like the house that I live in, which I designed in AutoCAD and modeled in Rhino. However, I do help my customers solve problems that they may be facing with their drawings and models. And by doing so, over time, I have learned how and where to use these various CAD systems and can briefly compare features between. This is also possible since I have access to so many CAD systems as well as the people who developed them, thanks to the partnerships that my company has with all these CAD software vendors.

I intend to continue writing such series. However, I would like to try something else. I am not sure whether there will be any takers for this. But I guess there is no harm trying. I am planning on opening this blog to end users to share their experiences with the products that they use. I mean experts who use a particular CAD software product day in and out. People who really do not have the time and dedication that is necessary to maintain a blog, but yet may want to share their experiences from time to time.

I am definitely not looking for general 30,000 ft high “reviews” which basically list the contents of the “What’s New?” document. Anyone who can read and write can do that. I am looking for experts who can hone in on a very specific feature of a product and write something about it. Good, bad or ugly doesn’t matter. You do not necessarily need to disclose the specifics of the problem that you solved, could not solve or found a workaround. I understand that most of what you do may be confidential or the intellectual property may belong to your employer. The point here is to simply provide a platform for experts in their field to share their experiences. I know that there are many places to do that already. I am simply providing another one here.

There is no money involved here. If you want money there are many publications out there waiting for you. I do not make any money off this blog. The only ads that I run are of my own products. So at the most, I can offer you a discount or a complimentary license of one of them.

Of course, I will have editorial control over whatever gets published here and can also help you put your piece together. Not because I want only good things written. But mainly because I do not want to reduce this blog to become part of someone’s positive or negative marketing campaign.

If you are interested in writing something about the product that you use, lets talk. You can reach me at deelip (at) sycode (dot) com or call me on +91 9822689298. If you know someone who may be interested, I would appreciate it if you could point him/her to this post. The link is https://www.deelip.com/?p=1086