Feature Inference Modeling

I’m not sure who coined the phrase “Feature Inference Modeling”, but I am reading a lot about it from Evan Yares. In his interview with Franco Folini, Evan stated that feature inference modeling is the next major revolution in MCAD. One particular statement struck me, “What’s exciting about this new revolution is that it’s not about overthrowing the last revolution; it’s about completing it. Feature inference modeling and feature-based modeling are complementary technologies, that, when used together, have the potential to completely transform the product development process.

Quite obviously, Evan is referring to Solid Edge ST. Unfortunately, thanks to my company being a Solid Edge Voyager Partner, I cannot say anything about Solid Edge ST, apart from the fact that our Solid Edge add-ins have been updated for it.

However, I think I can say that I do not completely agree with Evan about feature inference modeling and feature based modeling complementing each other. Yes, I agree that in Solid Edge ST, they seem to be complementing each other. But I believe that this is just a temporary fix on the road towards the final goal of moving completely away from feature based modeling.

I know some of you think I am crazy. Take a step back. In fact, take many steps back. Imagine Mike Riddle developing Interact, the prototype for the first version of AutoCAD. Now try telling him that something called parametric solid modeling is going to make his stuff obsolete. I leave it you to guess his reaction. My guess is that his reaction would be the same as the people who feel that parametric solid modeling is going to remain supreme till kingdom come.