Please Sue Me

“Please sue me”, is what R. Paul Waddington appears to be telling Autodesk. In his latest article on his blog, Paul explains why he thinks that Autodesk’s EULA is not enforceable and is effectively calling Autodesk’s bluff. Paul says, “With this post I have firmly ‘nailed my flag to the mast’; if I am wrong consequences must follow.” In summary, Paul declares that he rejects Autodesk’s Subscription and Licence Terms and Conditions but will continue to use Autodesk’s products.

I am not sure Autodesk is interested in taking up the challenge, especially since they recently had to eat humble pie in their case against Timothy Vernor. Maybe Vernor’s judgement is what finally emboldened Paul to raise his war flag. Moreover, I believe Autodesk is more interested in spending the time of their legal team in helping them evaluate which companies to buy, as opposed to having them drag another harmless individual to court.