Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Thanks to Evan Yares I have to tell you five things that you didn’t know about me.

(1) I have an artistic gene somewhere in me. At age 14, I “drew” the portrait of the then Prime Minister of India (V. P. Singh) with my father’s typewriter using symbol characters like *, #, !, etc. A local newspaper featured my work and it felt like receiving the Nobel Prize.

(2) Some years later I created a model of the Taj Mahal using the mid-ribs of coconut leaves. Yes, I know I could have used match sticks instead. We had just cut down one of our coconut trees and were left with tons of leaves. This model was kept in our family showcase for years untill I gifted it to the most important person in my life as my engagement gift. The perfect symbol of my love for her.

(3) I have never failed a subject/class in my entire academic career (from first year kindergarten to final year mechanical engineering degree).

(4) In spite of item (3), after graduation I landed myself a job for a monthly salary of Rupees 3,200 (thats about 70$). Yes, a first class distinction (with honors) student worked for 70$ a month for two years. That’s the worst possible luck any person could ever have.

(5) I now have a company which has more than a 2,000 customers in 44 countries spread across 5 continents. Considering item (4) that’s the best possible luck any person could ever have.

I recently started blogging and I am beginning to like it a lot. You see, I have a problem. I happen to have weird views about things happenning around me and I need to tell them to someone. My wife thinks I am talking crap and my three year old son gives me that blank look. This blog solves my problem.

I now tag Ralph Grabowski and Greg Milliken.