Having Fun With Cubify Invent

This week 3D Systems released a new software product on Cubify.com called Cubify Invent priced at $49 only. The point of Cubify Invent is to have fun in 3D. To drive the point in Cubify Invent saves 3D data in a file format with an extension of .fun. Seriously. 😉

This is what the home window of Cubify Invent looks like. Click the image below to enlarge it and notice the message on the status bar. 😉

Click to enlarge

Clicking “New Invention” opens up the part modeling window.

Click to enlarge

You can create sketch, extrude/revolve/whatever and have fun creating 3D solid objects using the commands on the “Part Modeling” tab of the ribbon.

Sketch a profile

Revolve it about an axis

To get a 3D solid object

Shell it to make it useful

Cubify Invent can export to STL which you can import into the Cubify Client software and hit Build to 3D print your creation on your Cube.

Click to enlarge

If you don’t have a Cube you can upload your creation to your account on Cubify.com and order a 3D print to be shipped to your door step or to anyone anywhere in the world.

Cubify Invent can import designs in other 3D formats as well. These include IGES, STEP, ACIS SAT and SolidWorks. If you are completely new to Computer Aided Design, or for that matter history based parametric modeling, you may want to take a look at these five video tutorials.

You can download a fully trial of Cubify Invent from here.