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3D Printing Half A Million Parts A Day

Here is a statement made by 3D Systems President and CEO Dr. Jeffery Graves during our Q4 2020 earnings call with analysts the other day.

“3D Systems technology provides over half a million production parts every day, 365 days a year, which is more than the rest of the industry combined.”

This just goes to show the scale at which our customers are using our products and materials to manufacture end use production parts, and not just prototypes. Moreover, we have just gotten started with our Figure 4 high speed additive manufacturing offering, which is beginning to make customers rethink the way they design and manufacture their products. Every time I give my Figure 4 Direct Digital Molding presentation to a customer or hand him a 3D printed part that looks like it came out of an injection molding machine, his eyes light up seeing the possibilities ahead of him.

This picture shows a rapid diagnostic device designed and developed by Lacewing. With the exception of the electronics and the metal nuts and bolts, all parts of the product were 3D printed on the Figure 4, not just for prototyping but also for mass production.