High In Moscow

I have this thing for restaurants perched up on tall structures. So when I learned that the Swisotel in Moscow had one on the 34th floor called City Space Bar & Lounge, I got interested. I looked it up on the internet and when I found this page saying “the best and most fashionable cocktails are another reason to come here“, my mind was pretty much made up for me.

The pictures below were taking in twilight with my simple point and shoot digital camera. So they do grave injustice to the absolutely breathtaking view that you get of Moscow city.

As far as the cocktails go, the waiter recommended something called “Summer Dew (molecular)” which was defined on the menu as “Vodka, lychee, fresh strawberries, bitters, egg white, passion fruit, orange blossom water and lemon topped with molecular vanilla foam“. I know it sounds more like a fruit salad and I was a bit skeptical. But according to the waiter, the restaurant was famous for it. So I thought what the hell and asked him to get me one.

It was simply awesome. I’ve had nothing like it before. I highly recommend it. I also recommend that you don’t go up there alone. Too bad I didn’t have anyone to share the beautiful view with.