Wandering On The Moscow Metro

When I did an internet search for “things to do in Moscow” I was a bit surprised that people were recommending taking a trip on the underground Moscow Metro. I have been on a number of subways in various large cities but never considered them to be tourist attractions. Even my tour guide yesterday made it a point to tell me to take a ride on the metro.

So today I found myself a city map, walked to the nearest metro station and began criss-crossing the Moscow Metro while getting off at a number of stations to see what the fuss was all about. I did this for about three hours and if the scribblings on my map are correct, I think I paid a visit to ten stations.

It was quite an experience and one that I am not going to forget in a hurry. It was as if the place was one big underground museum and the metro was a way to get from one room to another. The pictures you see below are of Moscow’s Metro stations which are nothing short of architectural marvels. They were built by Stalin and were dubbed “people’s palaces”. The idea was to show how good a life the Russians were leading. Click on the images for larger views.