IMSI/Design Releases TurboCAD 20

IMSI/Design has release version 20 of TurboCAD Pro ($1,495) and TurboCAD Pro Platinum ($1,695). You can read all about the new features from this press release. The one that impressed me was the realistic rendering features thanks to the new RedSDK Rendering Engine from Redway3D. Here are a few examples.

Another nice feature is the ability to export 3D PDF files.

According to Bob Mayer, the COO of IMSI/Design, “The surprise feature in TurboCAD Pro 20 and Pro Platinum 20 may well be the new, optional AutoCAD 2D work-alike mode. We think existing AutoCAD users will feel quite comfortable and happy with the extra things they can do with TurboCAD.

You can download a trial here. There is a Mac version of TurboCAD as well.