The Burn Down Chart

Cubify is evolving very quickly and my development team here is having a hard time keeping up with the quick turn around times that a start-up like business demands in today’s world. We found that our current development methodology didn’t quite lend itself to quick change and started looking at other options. After evaluating a few approaches to web platform software development we decided that the Agile development methodology could get us to where we want to be.

We decided to use the Scrum framework of Agile. If you are aware of Agile and Scrum you will know what a Burn Down Chart is.

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Today we concluded our first Agile sprint, which is basically a development cycle. I shake my head in dismay as I look at its burn down chart. I don’t have the heart to post it here. The image above is from Wikipedia and I can tell you that the burn down chart of our first Agile sprint looks nothing like it. The fact that we had to transition from our own development processes to Agile only made it worse.

To commemorate the end of the first Agile sprint we decided to actually burn down it’s burn down chart. 😉