IntelliCAD World Meeting 2008

I am on my way to the IntelliCAD World Meeting 2008 in Athens, Greece. As I type this, I am holed up in a hotel in Mumbai with nothing much to do. I am killing time till 4:30 am when I catch a flight to Dubai and then another one to Athens. I am arriving a couple of days earlier and hope to see what the Greeks have been upto these last few centuries. I hear some of their structures are still standing.

Arnold Van Der Weide, the President of the OpenDesign Alliance will deliver the keynote speech on “Opportunities for IntelliCAD technology in the CAD Market”. With a topic like that I hope he does not talk all day. I could. Dave Lorenzo, a Director of the ITC is going to lay out the IntelliCAD Roadmap, something which I badly want to know. Neil Peterson, the CTO of the OpenDesign Alliance, will also be speaking on the ODA components that are the building blocks of the new IntelliCAD.

Rumour has it that there is going to be a major announcement. I am not sure whether the new IntelliCAD 7 is going to be launched at the World Meeting. Either way, I am eager to meet the developers who work behind the scenes and hope to learn more about the new IntelliCAD 7. At SYCODE, we have frozen all new plug-in development for IntelliCAD till the new IntelliCAD shows up. IntelliCAD 7 is a complete revamp and our plug-ins would need to be revamped as well.

The IntelliCAD World Meeting is two days of open sessions (29th and 30th October) and the third day (31st October) is a members only thing, where they elect the Board of Directors and discuss other management stuff. You can see the full agenda here.

If any of you have some advice on how to deal with Greeks, now would be a good time to tell me.