Roaming in Greece

I have been roaming Greece for the last two days. This is Ralph Grabowski and me adding splendor to the Parthenon, an ancient Greek temple atop a hill in the middle of Athens.

I have finally figured out why the ancient Greek structures are falling down. Take a look at the following picture.

There is no way in hell this column in going to stand for the next 2,500 years. Especially with people like me adding to the forces of nature.

Jokes apart, the Greeks are trying their best to keep these ancient monuments up. They are on a massive restoration project which involves reverse engineering the damaged pieces of marble and sticking them back. See the picture below.

The idea here is not to reconstruct the monuments to their original form. They are simply trying to keep what’s left of them from falling down.

Travel Advisory: Greek cab drivers are crazy. They smoke to a point of suffocating their passengers, talk loudly on their cell phones when driving, regularly jump the red light and speed like there is no tomorrow. Greece does not need a theme park with a roller coaster. Their cab drivers do a much better job. I repeat, Greek cab drivers are crazy.

The IntelliCAD World Meeting 2008 starts tomorrow. I already know what the big news is. Cedric Desbordes, the chairman of the ITC shared it with me in the lobby of the hotel this evening. But I think I will let him announce it first. The news is good and I am pleased to hear it.

Watch this space.