Interview with Teresa Anania – Part 4

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Deelip: So what is your take on Alibre trying to get the prices down and change the game?

Teresa: I think it’s interesting. I think there is no doubt that price will be a factor in adoption. So I welcome it because I like to see more and more CAD users leveraging the benefits of solid modeling. I don’t know much about their technology. I am not sure you get a lot for what you pay or you get what you pay for.

Deelip: I am pretty sure you get far more than what you get for the price of Inventor LT. I mean even in the $197 Alibre Design Standard you get assembly modeling, whereas in the $1000 odd Inventor LT you get only part modeling.

Teresa: Right. But as you know, our strategy is really not about any one particular product like how Inventor LT might compare to Alibre. It’s really targeting the engineers and industrial designers that care about the full process of how they make products. Because you leverage the same Inventor LT model for simulation and all the way up to CFD, multi-physics, etc. To do that interoperability is imperative. Making a product process from conceptual to manufacturing is really the value proposition why someone may want to start with Inventor LT. Its really about what you can get from there versus trying to compare just Inventor LT with one other product.