Interview with Teresa Anania – Part 3

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Deelip: My next question is something that I asked you before in Portland. I am hoping to get a different or more detailed answer this time. What are you plans for Fusion?

Teresa: Fusion, right now, is a technology and we are leveraging it in a lot of different ways. You and I had a good discussion about this and I believe, as does Buzz Kross in Manufacturing, that folks that have CAD geometry that comes from other sources or that are not parametric experts or they are simulation users that don’t want to learn a parametric solid modeler can really benefit from free form modeling. I think there is a place for both. I think the excitement with what we have in Fusion is part of Inventor that actually updates your history. So you really cannot say that parametrics has no place. There is some real importance there. I think you need both in a workflow that involves conceptual design all the way through to manufacturing.

Deelip: So from what you are saying, for modeling it helps to use parametric modeling. But when it comes to analysis and tweaking the model, it may help to use direct modeling. And you have Fusion that helps to plug back the changes into the parametric modeler.

Teresa: Absolutely. But I still think there is a place for Fusion for conceptual design. And there is the other thing. There are millions of engineers that have still not adopted any solid modeler that uses parametric technology. Why is that? There is a resistance there. There is a fear factor. To me, direct modeling is a way to bridge that gap.

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