iPAD – A Smash Hit

I could never understand the lunacy of people standing in long lines outside hardware stores in cold weather just to be one of the first to get their hands on a shiny new piece of hardware. Some pitch tent in front of stores the previous night. With Apple launching its iPAD today, Apple stores are bound to have long lines of hardcore Apple fans waiting impatiently to get their very own iPAD and smooch the crap out of it. I guess it is the same kind of frenzy that grips people as they wait for the gates of a rock concert to open so that they can see their idols on stage.

Anyways, the existence of such a crazy class of people has given rise to another crazy class of people. I am not sure I completely get this second class of people either. These people also wait in long lines and endure the same weather as others. But when they get that piece of hardware that they paid good money for, they place it squarely in the middle of the road, right in front of the people still standing in line and smash the crap out of it. The favorite tool for doing so it a baseball bat or a hammer or both. Why do they do it? These people call it a “social experiment”, the idea being to “study” the horrified reaction of the people standing in line waiting to buy the very same object that is being smashed right in front of them. Personally, I think they do it to get a kick out of it.

These people document the carnage on video and post it on YouTube for all to see. If you type “smash” along with the name of a famous piece of hardware in the YouTube search box, chances are that you will find a bunch of videos of people smashing brand new stuff they just bought.

Today I came across a web site that goes by the domain name SmashMyiPAD.com. Obviously someone demented enough to smash a perfectly good and brand new iPAD is not going to have spare $499 lying around. So they are accepting donations. The site reads:

We are now accepting donations which will contribute to the purchasing of the device. We will be posting a video of its bitter sweet end for your viewing pleasure once it has been released into the wild.

Last time I checked they had received $139 of the $499 required. Check out the video on the web site showing someone smash the crap out of an iPAD. Only thing is that it does not appear to be a real iPAD. But not to worry. They guys will eventually reach $499 and then proceed to smash the crap out of a real iPAD, thereby giving the term “smash hit” a whole new meaning.

After seeing all this smashing I am beginning to get some violent thoughts on what to do with my HP Pavilion tx 2000 which periodically goes into coma. After I bought a Dell Precision M6400 workstation notebook, the HP piece of crap is lying somewhere gathering dust. Maybe I should just  put it out of its misery. But in order to do that I need to get into the right frame of mind. You see, I am a bit crazy. But not demented. At least not yet.

Who knows? If I end up doing something violent with my HP notebook, I may post a video. The domain SmashMyNotebook.com has not yet been taken. 😉