IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2015 Released


Today IronCAD released the 2015 version of its Design Collaboration Suite (DCS). According to the press release, customers will benefit from “an improved user experience, enhanced design capabilities and new collaboration tools”.

The IronCAD suite of MCAD products are known for their unique feature catalogs, which are basically features (holes, ribs, slots, etc.) that can be dragged and dropped on to solid bodies and configured for size, shape, position, orientation and other parameters. The 2015 version extends the concept of catalogs to create groups of catalogs and according to the press release this “makes it even simpler to organize data and find the best fitting element”. I’m not sure what this means and I hope to find out when I get my hands on the software.

IronCAD DCS 2015 come with better memory management which supposedly improves performance with large files by 20%. Other additions include an integrated Multi-Physics for IronCAD, a general purpose solution for modeling and simulating physics based problems, and a 3D annotation framework used for Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)