I just checked into the Holiday Inn Leiden in Holland. I flew into Brussels this morning and then took the train to Leiden. While on the train it occurred to me that it was the first time that I was crossing a country border by train. Normally I fly over them.

The ODA World Conference begins tomorrow. Among the CAD press I know, Ralph Grabowski and Randall Newton will be attending. I will be staying back after the conference to tour Holland and Belgium over the weekend. Next week I am spending a couple of days at Bricsys after which I return home.

My two boys are missing me and I am missing them as well. It’s been two weeks since I left home. Another week and a half to go. I have been telling Reuben, my 5 year old, that I would be bringing him toys when I come back. That kept him quiet for a while. But now he is getting impatient and is probably smelling a rat in all of this. My wife is doing her best to hold fort. But it seems like she’s fighting a losing battle.