ODA World Conference – The Platform

The ODA World Conference starts tomorrow. The tag line on the conference web page gives you an idea of what this conference is all about.

The platform — Meet, discuss, discover and network

I have been screaming myself hoarse on this blog for quite some time now about how the ODA has been viewing itself solely as an organization dedicated to providing the world with libraries to read and write DWG files. In reality they offer much more. I even wrote a book about it and all attendees of the conference are going to get a free copy of it. In my opinion, this conference is part of an exercise of the ODA to rebrand itself into an organization that develops and supplies a platform on which its members can develop full blown CAD applications among many other things.

The conference goes on for three days, the first two being dedicated for presentations and discussions by third-party component developers, ODA members and ODA technical staff. The third day includes a couple of sessions hosted by the ODA development staff for those interested in learning more about the technologies that the ODA has to offer.