Mike Payne To Keynote Spatial 3D Insider’s Summit 2010

Spatial’s 3D Insider’s Summit 2010 just became a little more interesting for me. In a press release issued today, Spatial announced its former CEO, Mike Payne, as the keynote speaker for its 3D Insiders Summit 2010. Mike was the CEO of Spatial from 2001 to 2005 after which he moved to co-found SpaceClaim and became its CEO. He is now SpaceClaim’s Chairman of the Board.

SpaceClaim and Spatial share a very close relationship. To get an idea exactly how close that relationship is I recommend that you read a piece I wrote about a year ago titled “How SpaceClaim Did It Differently“. In that piece I wrote:

SpaceClaim appears to be the father of their dynamic push-pull direct modeling technology and Spatial appears to be the mother.

Mike is expected to talk about the history and role of geometry components in the engineering software industry.

Whenever I’m at COFES I make it a point to bump into Mike. He’s a very interesting person and there is always something to take away from a conversation with him. I look forward to meeting him again this month at the 3D Insider’s Summit.

For more information on the Summit and registration click here.