News Alert – IMSI/Design To Release TurboCalc

Next week IMSI/Design will release a new product called TurboCalc, which is nothing but a re-branded version of GrafiCalc from GEOMATE. I asked IMSI/Design founder Bob Mayer whether the goal seeking technology of GrafiCalc would find its way into TurboCAD or DoubleCAD. He replied:

“Right now, it is just a simple rebranding of GrafiCalc Standard. We figure that that the ‘Turbo’ brand may provide a little extra synergy and awareness to the product and allow us to better sell bundles of the TurboCalc and TurboCAD. We’ve been long-time resellers of GEOMATE’s engineering tools, and do believe in the importance of simulation and analysis tools like Grafi(Turbo)Calc before a firm is too far down the CAD design process. Depending upon the success of the re-branded product, we may look to integrate this technology as a plug-in to TurboCAD and DoubleCAD.”