News Alert – Inventor Fusion Sandbox Released

Today Scott Sheppard, Program Manager for Autodesk Labs, announced on his blog that a sandbox version of Inventor Fusion has been released. In programming parlance a sandbox is a mechanism whereby untested code is executed in a separate location usually using separate resources. In this case, the Inventor Fusion sandbox is delivered as one big 385 MB executable. This is not a product  installer which needs to be installed on your computer and which messes around with your registry and program files folder. This is the Inventor Fusion program itself. Simply execute it and Inventor Fusion will run.

As usual Autodesk is making a noise about making this technology available to users in a select number of countries – Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. As it turns out, this is a bluff. I am sitting pretty here in India and just downloaded the Inventor Fusion sandbox executable. Autodesk may make some real kick ass CAD software. But it sure as hell makes use of some lousy IP address filtering software. 😉

Here is the download link.