ODA World Conference – Quotes

Here are some interesting lines I heard at the ODA World Conference, some of which have already appeared in earlier posts on this blog.

Mauritz Botha of IMSI/Design
“Our AutoCAD constraint plug-in served as a fantastic prototype for what Autodesk implemented themselves in 2010”

Erik de Keyser, CEO of Bricsys
“DRX is proof that ODA is not following Autodesk.”
“Recession has been good for us. Revenue is increasing.”
“While porting their ObjectARX plug-ins over to Bricscad, some developers are fixing memory leaks in their AutoCAD plug-ins because of a Bricscad command that traps memory errors.”

Luc de Batseiler, CTO of Bricsys
“More than 300 AutoCAD plug-ins are being ported to Bricscad”

Neil Peterson, CTO of ODA
“Its nice to see members come up here and show some of their cool stuff. Normally I only hear from members when they complain to me that something is not working.”
“The first IT infrastructure of the ODA was delivered to my house in a truck – 15 computers in my bed room which stayed there for 8 years.”

Arnold van der Weide, President of ODA
“TrustedDWG was a big mistake and am glad it has been settled”.
“Autodesk has been very successful in increasing our legal expenses. We have to be careful in what we do.”

Sergey Slezkin, Dev Lead of ODA
“Last week I posted my 2000th message on the ODA forum”

Dmitry Ushako of LEDAS
“What the f**k is LEDAS to tell us about constraints?”

But this one takes the cake. Keynote Speaker of the ODA World Conference, Bjorn Stangeland of buildingSMART said: “The purpose of BIM is not to need organizations like the ODA”.