ODA World Conference – ADTdirect and Facet Modeler

Vadim Kosarev, Development Lead of the ODA, gave a presentation on their ADTdirect and their new Facet Modeler.

ADTdirect is the ODA architectural engineering package, based on the ODA flagship DWGdirect library. It is basically a set of DRX files (DLL’s actually) that need to be placed in the same folder as the calling application. It has full support for standard architectural objects such as walls, roofs, slabs, etc. It can create architectural objects from scratch with standard styles. It also provides the user will grips for major entities, which enables the editing of these objects.

Vadim used the ODA test application to create a set of walls and then used the grips to move the walls around. He then went on the draw a few doors and again used the grips to move one of them to an adjacent wall. The wall automatically adjusted itself to accommodate the door. He did the same thing for windows as well. Doors and windows can be standard rectangular and even have a custom style.

ADTdirect also has support for complex architectural objects such as stairs, railings, balusters, etc., which are all created parametrically. They come with grips which can be used to dynamically it using the mouse.

ADTdirect also comes with support for slabs and roofs using 2D profiles. All ADTdirect objects can be exploded. For example, when a door is exploded the wall automatically fills up the place where the door existed.

The Facet Modeler is another component that was originally developed for use in ADTdirect . It is a lightweight 3D modeler for creating boxes, pyramids, extrusions, revolutions and arbitrary surfaces. The Facet Modeler is used to perform the Boolean operations (union, difference and intersection) in ADTdirect, such as removing a door from a wall.