Pirates Of The Google

I earlier confirmed that Orkut, a Google company, allows software piracy. The Orkut community I reported back then now has 11,000 members and I am not surprised that it is thriving on Google servers.

Blogs are now becoming a new source of pirated software. Recently, I have come across quite a few of them. One has this cute disclaimer.

Information furnished in the blog is collected from various sites. The author did not upload any of them. This blog does not host any files on its server. All copy rights are rested with respective authors. Person downloading any content from this site shall bear the responsibility. You can Download all free here but we Highly Recommend to buy it.”

The authors of these blogs regularly post articles giving links to product installers and the associated cracks. Again, not surprisingly, most of these blogs are served by Blogger, another Google adventure. As an excercise of academic interest, I reported a few of these blogs to Blogger. No prizes for guessing what the outcome was.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. I think it is quite evident that the nature of the information is of no importance to them, as long as the advertising revenue keeps coming.