Power And Responsibility Of The Media

I have been following the issues surrounding the Think3 acquisition by some entity that is yet to be determined. Versata has gone on record to state that they have not acquired Think3 (although their financial advisers think otherwise), which is the reason I have taken down my previous blog post announcing that they did. I do not want to host factually incorrect information on this blog. What I also do not want to host is tirades against Think3, Versata or any other company or their management. I just deleted a comment calling a certain Versata executive an assassin. The other day I deleted a comment asking Think3 customers to run away to their competitors. Such kind of talk does not do any good. If you wish to vent out your anger I suggest you do it properly and decently. Or take it elsewhere.

If you have information that you would like to share publicly and are able to publicly defend it leave it in a comment here. If you want to share  it privately with me send an email to deelip (at) sycode (dot) com and we can take the discussion offline. And this is very important. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. I do not want you to violate any agreement that you may have signed. Neither do I consider it wise or ethical for you to do so. If you think injustice has been done to you there are other ways to fix that problem. Violating agreements is not one of them.

I understand that moving the courts may not be the most appealing option, especially if you are up against a huge corporation in a different country. You may be tempted to take the easier route and bash the company in the public using the media. Yesterday I deleted a comment that contained the sentence “Lets use the power of media and thrash Versata royally…“, to which I replied:

Care should be taken to use the power of the media properly. If nobody from Think3 India is ready to go on record with their accusations, provide proof and take responsibility for their statements then I really don’t see the point in leaving comments like these.

Don’t get me wrong. If injustice has been done then its the job of the media to highlight it. But please note that the media can be a powerful tool and should be used responsibly and correctly.

And speaking of the media, I am a bit surprised that I seem to be the only one in the CAD media who thinks that there is something fishy about the Think3 acquisition. The deafening silence from the rest of the CAD media on this issue is killing me. I guess they are more interested in spending their time converting press kits supplied by CAD vendors into “in-depth reviews”.