PTC World Conference

I just registered for the PTC World Conference to be held on February 10 at Mumbai where Jim Heppelmann, the Executive Vice President, Chief Product Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of PTC is going to “review PTC’s exciting strategy to deepen its product development solutions“.

There is a view in the CAD space that PTC is an aged company with aged technology struggling to keep up with the new kids on the block. More like an old dog trying new tricks. I am guilty of sharing that view and must shamefully admit that I do not have good enough reasons to back that view. I guess I am just listenning to what others are saying and not taking the trouble to conduct my due diligence and come to my own conclusions. I intend to change that.

So I guess this means you are going to see a lot more of PTC on this blog. Bouquets or brickbats – time will tell.