A Hundred And Fifty

Today SYCODE released two add-ins for SpaceClaim: DWG Import for SpaceClaim and DXF Import for SpaceClaim. As the names suggest, these add-ins let SpaceClaim import DWG and DXF files. But wait… SpaceClaim already has the ability to read DWG/DXF files. In fact, SpaceClaim goes a step further than other CAD software and gives the user the option of using Autodesk’s authentic RealDWG technology or the reverse engineered libraries offered by the Open Design Alliance to read DWG/DXF files.

But for all that both these technologies are worth, neither can convert 3D meshes in a DWG or DXF file into editable solid objects inside SpaceClaim. The add-ins we released today remove this limitation. Not only do they import PolyFace Mesh, Polygon Mesh and 3D Face objects from a DWG/DXF files into SpaceClaim, they even convert these meshes into solids which can be edited using SpaceClaim’s fantastic push-pull technology.

Full press release here.

With the release of these two add-ins SYCODE has crossed a milestone of sorts. We now offer more than 150 products – 151 to be precise. So going by my previous logic, SYCODE reinforces its position as being the Largest Producer of CAD Software on the Planet.

It’s about bloody time someone gave me a lifetime achievement award, or I will continue to drive up that number.