Roaming In Boulder

I am seated at the Denver airport waiting for my flight back to India. It’s going to be a long one, passing through Washington and Doha before finally end up in Goa, 17 days after I left it. It’s been a good trip. Spatial paid for my flight and accommodation.

Yesterday evening, Spatial’s outgoing CEO, Keith Mountain and Head of Marketing, Howie Markson, took me to their palatial 33,000 sq. ft office in Broomfield on the outskirts of Boulder. Thereafter Keith suggested at we do some Colarado stuff. By that he meant drive up the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains and do some off-roading in his Jeep. Here are some pictures.

This Spatial programmer likes to work from home a lot. Just so that his colleagues don’t miss him they put up his picture in his cubicle.

Off-roading in the Jeep

Keith Mountain and Howie Markson

No vehicles beyond this point

A couple of ski slopes

We had dinner here

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