Satisfaction Through 3D Graphics Technology

Today we received an interesting email at the SYCODE info email account:

“I would like to discuss with you ways we can work together in placing our banners on your site. We are may be interested in paying a flat rate to advertise or giving you a higher rate as an affiliate. Please let me know if this might be something you would be interested in pursuing. If you want to see a full copy of the game, let me know.”

Wow!! A gaming company wants to advertise at sycode.com? That’s great. While I do not do ads (not even at this blog), I still wanted to know which gaming company found my company web site worthy of advertising on. So I following the link in the email and then spat my coffee all over my keyboard. Instead of explaining what I saw, I will simply list a few things that I read.

“[Product] is one of the most advanced adult virtual sex games on the planet. Fulfill any fantasy with life-like cybersex graphics that look so good, you’d swear they were real! [Product] is the only 3d sex game that allows you to choose your partner’s hair color, eye color, skin color, and piercings.”

“Numerous high detail locations can be selected for you and your virtual sex partner to act out all your fantasies! Solo, girl on guy, lesbian and even threesome action available!”

“Customize a girl, then watch her have interactive sex in multiple scenarios”

“After you pick your type of girl, tell her what position you want her in during sex!”

And by the way, they got a couple of testimonials as well:

“This game rocks. I’ve tried a few different games like this but most are just low quality crap that don’t really deliver a good experience…this one is the best out there right now.”

“Love the graphics and movements a lot! Everything looks so real!”

Looks like I am going to take their offer. Not the advertising one, you moron. The offer wherein I get to see the full version of the game. In that case, I had better call my wife and let her know that I will be coming home late today. And she had better not be reading this blog, or I may have to sleep on the couch tonight, and that too, hungry.