SolidWorks Subscription Brainwave

Matt Lombard’s recent post got me wondering. According to a SolidWorks reseller, if a SolidWorks user lapses a maintenance contract for a year or more, he needs to pay a penalty equal to (Total Years Missed x $850) + Annual Subscription.

So if SolidWorks is penalizing customers who do not renew their subscription, it would make wonderful sense for them to reward those who see great value in their subscription program. Moments ago I was hit by a brainwave. Why not allow customers to purchase subscription in advance for future years. Applying similar logic used in the formula above, if a customer wants to purchase future subscription renewals he would get a fantastic discount equal to (Annual Subscription – $850) x Total Years Purchased. Sounds fair to me. What do you think?

Note: For those who haven’t got it yet, this post has sarcasm oozing from every word, punctuation mark and whitespace character.