Welcome to IntelliCAD.net

I would like to break my long silence with an announcement. Today I launched IntelliCAD.net, a network of IntelliCAD users. Or at least that is what I hope it will eventually be.

I have been writing about IntelliCAD, the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC), it’s members, the OpenDesign Alliance (ODA) and Autodesk on this blog for a couple of years now. I have also been interacting with IntelliCAD users all over the world.

The history of IntelliCAD is as unique as is the way it’s users interact with each other. Most IntelliCAD vendors have some sort of communication mechanism for their customers – such as forums, discussion groups, etc. However, in all these years I have not come across any central place where all IntelliCAD users can meet up and help each other, exchange views and increase their understanding about IntelliCAD. I find this kind of weird because all of them are using software from the same code base and effectively works almost the same, save the bells and whistles added by each vendor. The IntelliCAD vendors are actually business rivals and it is not in their best interest to let their customers mingle.

I believe that a lot can be achieved if IntelliCAD users across the board can meet up in a single place. And that is precisely the reason why I created IntelliCAD.net. I must admit that I do not know the first thing about managing a network like this and I hope I dont screw up too much. Help will be greatly appreciated.

I would apreciate it if you could spread the word and let IntelliCAD users the world over know about IntelliCAD.net. I am pretty sure everyone will have something to offer. As far as I am concerned, my company develops plug-ins for IntelliCAD among many other CAD applications. So I guess we will have somethig to offer as well.

At IntelliCAD.net you can do a lot of things, some of which are:
1) Use the forums to ask and offer help and keep up to speed with all things IntelliCAD
2) Post on the IntelliCAD.net network blog. If you always wanted to blog but never got down to doing it, maybe now’s the time.
3) Create or join groups of members
4) Share photos and videos
5) Post events such as user meetings, tradeshows, etc.

Lets see how this goes.