SolidWorks World 2010 (Day 3) – Configure One

Configure One is a provider of a web based product configuration system called Enterprise Product Configurator. They are a SolidWorks Solution Partner, just like SYCODE. Interestingly, they are also a long time SYCODE customer. They use our SolidWorks OBJ export add-in as part of their solution. As I was wandering around the Partner Pavilion, I came across their booth and stopped by to meet the people who I had been working for years.

I almost always never meet my customers. My company is based in India and most of our customers are in the Americas and Europe. Due to opposite time zones, we hardly ever speak to our customers on the phone, unless there is a problem that needs to be resolved urgently. It’s mostly just email. So I was extremely happy to shake the hands of one of my customers today at SolidWorks World 2010. I even asked them to show me where my product was used and they obliged. It felt really good.

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