SolidWorks World 2011 (Day 2) – Group Interview With Jon Hirschtick

I have a one-on-one interview with SolidWorks co-founder Jon Hirschtick tomorrow. But today I joined in a group interview with Jon that SolidWorks PR arranged for Indian press. Here are a few interesting quotes from Jon from today’s group interview.

“We have plenty of exciting new stuff, but no big announcement like last year.”

“People talk about the Dassaultification of SolidWorks. But nobody is talking about the SolidWorksification of Dassault Systemes.”

“It is logical to think that someday we may offer a light version of SolidWorks.”

“I think we were a bit ahead of ourselves when we showed the stuff we did last year.”

“I think I could start a hundred companies and never have one like SolidWorks.”

“The shift to Windows is nothing compared to the shift that we are going through now.”