SpaceClaim Blog

SpaceClaim has a blog written by Joe Lichtenberg, an independent consultant, who is being paid by SpaceClaim to write the blog, among other things. Who said you cannot make money from blogging?

His first post explains why he thinks SpaceClaim is not another CAD system. I totally agree. What I find difficult to digest is his view that SpaceClaim was not built to “create” models. Rather, it was designed to “modify” existing models. Yes, I know this in line with the marketing noise they are making about the “extended development team”. But I don’t think they need to be so modest. I already know how good SpaceClaim is at “modifying” models. I would love to know why SpaceClaim is not that good at “creating” them.

Joe also believes that a cost of $1,700 a year is “reasonable” for SpaceClaim to be “just another tool in your toolbox”. I guess that explains why SpaceClaim does not offer a trial download. It looks like they are not interested in having every Tom, Dick and Harry as a customer. Just the people who think that spending close to a couple of grand a year for a fancy “modifying” tool is “reasonable”.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all praise for their software. Just that I have my doubts on certain other things.