SpaceClaim Reacts to Inventor Fusion

I asked Mike Payne, the Founder and Chairman of SpaceClaim, what he thought about Inventor Fusion. Mike was the CEO of SpaceClaim when they started it all. This is what he had to say:

“They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. SpaceClaim is really flattered that now all of the major players in the Mechanical Design Automation market have either announced actual products, given glimpses of future products, or actually purchased the technology. This clearly shows that the wave started by SpaceClaim has momentum, and products that implement “Direct Modeling” are being demanded by the customers of the major players. Now, ADSK is showing a technology future with a very nice user interface, which must be in response to requests from their customers. I will look forward to seeing the released implementation sometime in the future, and seeing how many of the real world cases are implemented, and how well the product performs with geometry that was created in other systems which would be needed to be able to work well with analysis and other downstream products.”

The present CEO, Chris Randles, also had something to say about Inventor Fusion, but it was my ears only. 😉