STL Import for CoCreate Modeling

Over the weekend I started fiddling around with CoCreate Modeling’s SDK and today I think I have my first add-in product for CoCreate Modeling. I say “I think” because its not been tested yet. I just put together an installer and uploaded it to Note that the installer does not automatically load the add-in into CoCreate Modeling. You need to load it manually for which detailed instructions are given in the ReadMe.txt file.

There is a reason why I am mentioning this here. Before we officially release this product along with other CoCreate Modeling add-ins that we have planned, I want to know which versions of CoCreate does this add-in work with. I have CoCreate Modeling 17.0 and I built the add-in using the SDK that came with it. But I suspect that the add-in will work with previous versions of CoCreate Modeling as well. Exactly which, I don’t know and that is what I hope some of you will help me figure out. If you are running an older version of CoCreate Modeling I would appreciate it if you could download and try the add-in and let me know whether it loaded and worked properly. If you have version 17.0 then I would appreciate it if you could test it for me.

A little about the add-in itself. Its pretty straightforward actually. As the name suggests STL Import for CoCreate Modeling is a Stereolithtography STL file import add-in for CoCreate Modeling. It gives CoCreate Modeling the ability to read STL files. As it stands, CoCreate Modeling can only write out STL files. The add-in converts the mesh object stored in the STL file into a 3D solid in CoCreate Modeling, which can be edited just like how you would edit a normal solid.

Once loaded into CoCreate Modeling, the add-in adds a new section in the Add-ins task panel called “STL Import for CoCreate Modeling“. This section houses four command buttons: Import, Help, Register and About.

Clicking Import prompts you to select a STL file which the add-in imports it into the active document. In case you do not have STL files, a couple of sample STL files are copied into the Samples folder for you to test the add-in.

You can leave your comments here or drop me a line at deelip (at) sycode (dot) com. Thanks in advance.

Download STL Import for CoCreate Modeling