Surfacing In KOMPAS-3D V12

Yesterday Russian MCAD vendor ASCON released KOMPAS-3D v12. This new version adds new surfacing features to the existing surfacing capability added in V11. The new surface types are:

  1. Ruled Surface – Surface created by movement of a straight line in space.
  2. Surface by Grid of Curves – Surface created from two mutually intersecting curve families.
  3. Surface by Point Grid – Surface passing through a point matrix.
  4. Surface by Point Layer – Surface interpolated through a set of arbitrary points.
  5. Equidistant Surface – Surface offset from another surface.
  6. Trimmed Surface – Surface trimmed by geometry intersecting it.
  7. Extended Surface – Surface extended by moving its edges.

Here is an example of a surface I created using a grid of curves.

The curve grid

The resulting surface

You can download a 30 day trial of KOMPAS-3D V12 from here. ASCON also offers a free lite version of KOMPAS-3D which lets you model only parts, not assemblies.