Survey of CAD/PLM Users

A while ago I mentioned that Cyon Research and Merrill Lynch were conducting a survey on the CAD/PLM industry. Today they published their findings.

They posed 24 questions on a variety of subjects, including user classification by industry and position, specific vendor product usage, purchasing criteria, and spending intentions. They received responses from more than 200 users in a
variety of sectors, including automotive, aerospace, industrial, AEC and other markets. Interestingly a fifth of the participants fell in the CEO/CIO/CTO category.

The report is titled “Cyon Research 2008 Survey of CAD/PLM Users” and I have a copy of it, but for personal use only. If you want a copy you can purchase it from Cyon Research for $1,995.

If your job responsibilities include taking decisions on how to sell software or hardware to CAD/PLM users I strongly urge you to read this report.