Tetra4D Releases 3D PDF Converter

Yesterday Tetra4D issued a press release announcing the release of 3D PDF Converter priced at $399. This works as a plug-in for Acrobat 10 Pro and is basically the part that made up the 3D authoring portion of Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. If you have a license of Acrobat 9 Pro Extended with a valid Adobe Upgrade Plan you can get 3D PDF Converter for free till 31st March 2011. If you don’t have a valid Adobe Upgrade Plan you need to pay $199 for 3D PDF Converter.

Tetra4D also sells Acrobat 10 Pro along with 3D CAD Converter in a bundle called 3D CAD Converter Premium priced at $799. I got a kick out of reading this on the Tetra4D web site:

When you purchase Acrobat X Pro as part of this premium bundle from Tetra 4D, you’ll receive support from a company that understands how users in the manufacturing, AEC and other engineering disciplines are using the software.

To know why I got a kick read “The Adobe 3D PDF Train Wreck“.

Which reminds me. This is a notice going out to all SYCODE customers of our Acrobat 9 Pro Extended data exchange plug-ins. If you wish you continue to you our plug-ins please DO NOT upgrade to Acrobat 10 Pro . Unless you wish to see this message.

Our Acrobat plug-ins need the 3D PDF library and that is missing in Acrobat 10 Pro. Adobe has outsourced the development of the 3D portion of Acrobat to Tech Soft 3D who have told me that they will “look into” adding it to Acrobat 10 Pro in March 2011. Only when that happens will our plug-ins work with Acrobat 10 Pro.

I apologize for the inconvenience. But this is really out of our hands.