Killing SolidWorks For Dummies

At DSCC 2010 in Orlando last November I sat down with the then SolidWorks CEO Jeff Ray and we spoke about a number of topics (see “A Long Conversation With Jeff Ray“). One of the things Jeff mentioned in our conversation was how a small R&D team was put together to develop a new MCAD product that would kill SolidWorks. Jeff went on to explain the context of his “kill SolidWorks” statement in great detail. In spite of that some people went bat-shit crazy and started saying all sorts of stuff. Matt Lombard, a strong SolidWorks critic came up with Jeff “Death” Ray as a nickname for his blog post on the subject and emphasized it with this image.

I point you to a couple of blog posts that have surfaced in the past 24 hours that should serve as a “Killing SolidWorks for Dummies” if my conversation with Jeff wasn’t enough to begin with. They are:

DEVELOP3D: The death of SolidWorks? – by Martyn Day

SolidSmack: Jeff Ray Promotedā€¦ Bertrand Sicot Takes Over as SolidWorks CEO. [Interview] – by Josh Mings (search for “Kill SolidWorks”)

Hope this helps.