The Red Asterix

Yesterday I posted a scandalous looking article titled “Is Autodesk Promoting IntelliCAD?“. Of course, I do not think they are, but the little devil in me couldn’t resist. Sorry, Scott. No hard feelings.

Scott has since revamped the post. I hope he didn’t get into too much trouble with Carl Bass.

But I was not the only one. Another blogger, decided to crucify Scott as well. His post, “Autodesk And ODA, Partners?” resulted in a clarification from Scott as to which companies were Autodesk Partners and which were not. True, there is no red asterix next to the OpenDesign Alliance name. But I did find a red asterix next to Dr. DWG, a company which reverse engineers the DWG format and provides libraries similar to ODA.

But then this may very well go to prove Scott’s point that DWG and DWF and two entirely different things.

Anyways, the DWF Partner List is quite impressive. I hope to add SYCODE to that list soon, hopefully with a red asterix.