Think3 Italy Partners With Toyota Caelum To Sell Think3 Products

A reader alerted me to this press release issued by Think3 Italy on 6th September 2011 announcing the renewal of a partnership with Toyota Caelum.  According to the press release:

“The two management teams wanted to put in place a straight forward, new agreement following the recent ownership changes of think3 to ensure that there is a clear path for the future ”.  Stated Dr Andrea Ferri the Trustee of think3,  “Given the high level of trust and understanding between the two organisations that has been built over the years it was a very  fast process to get everything in place. We look forward to working closely with TCI to ensure our Japanese customers continue to benefit from using think3 solutions”.

Toyota Caelum has it roots in Toyota Motor Corp. and has been selling and supporting Think3 solutions in Japan and Asia. So it appears that Dr. Ferri is not just trying to sue the crap out of Versata to recover the money of the creditors of Think3 Itally. He is also doing things that a person running the business would do.

This whole Think3 thing is getting more and more wild by the day. On the one hand we have Versata, a company that is getting an extremely complex engineering software like ThinkDesign, which has its own modeling kernel, developed by bunch of contract programmers all around the world. And on the other hand, we have a court appointed trustee running what’s left of a subsidiary of an engineering software company. And both sides claims to be the legal owners of the intellectual property. I have absolutely no idea where this is headed.