Delcam Asian Technical Summit 2011 – Day 3 – FeatureCAM

As I was walking towards the ballroom this morning to attend the third day of the Delcam ATS 2011, Mark Forth, the Product Manager for Delcam’s Advanced Manufacturing Solutions Division, stopped me and said, “I’ll be giving a presentation on FeatureCAM and you will be the one doing the demo“. With a WTF look on my face I replied, “But I’ve never used FeatureCAM before“. Mark said, “Yup, that’s the point” and walked away to set up his presentation.

Sure enough after a brief introduction of FeatureCAM, Mark stopped at this slide and called me up on stage.

Under Mark’s guidance and with just a few mouse clicks I was able to open a dumb solid and arrive at the NC code to machine it.

Later Delcam’s demo jock gave the real demo of FeatureCAM. Here is the video.