Travelog (Day 13) – Maui

I flew into Maui yesterday. I am staying at the home of Ron Barranco, my business partner in Print3D Corporation. Ron has been living in Maui for over ten years now. For most of that time he has been convincing me to do the same. So far I have been resisting, which I must admit is quite difficult, especially when this is what you wake up to in the morning.

Now that is a good morning

Continuing with the tradition for having booze for breakfast, this morning we had breakfast at the Mana Kai Maui, a beautiful ocean front resort.

Yeah, that is a Bloody Mary.

After breakfast, we drove around the coastline a bit. The weather was wonderful. Actually, the weather in Hawaii is always wonderful.

Having some high-speed fun with the Corvette

The residential complex has a swimming pool overlooking the ocean. To say that I am going to have a great week here is a gross understatement.

Looks like a damn good place to get wet

How I wish my wife and boys were here with me. One day, they will.