IntelliCAD 7 At Last

After years of waiting the ITC is finally going public with some information about IntelliCAD 7. This press release announces the release of Beta 2 to its members. The new IntelliCAD 7 is based on the DWGdirect technology of the ODA Platform. As is Bricscad, the only other DWGDirect based CAD system in production that I know of.

At SYCODE we have already geared up our Bricscad plug-ins to work with IntelliCAD 7 when it does come out. I expect that our Bricscad DRX plug-ins would need minor changes to work with IntelliCAD 7. At least that is the hope.

I find it interesting that the ITC decided to issue a press release for Beta 2 but not for Beta 1. At least I don’t think they did. Maybe that’s because Bricsys went public with their announcement of leaving the ITC by issuing a press release.

Now it is left to be seen when the ITC members start shipping their flavors of IntelliCAD 7. I expect that CMS will be the first because unlike most other ITC members, they ship it directly out of the box without adding any other stuff to it. In fact, they pride on the fact that are the most clean IntelliCAD. CMS currently has a personal version of IntelliCAD that sells for $51.95, which is meant for individuals, students or professionals. Of course, if you don’t want to pay even that there is always the “free for personal use” progeCAD Smart!